Move with Peppa Class Activity Charts 


Physical literacy is about mastering the fundamental movement skills that equip them for a lifetime of activity, health and wellbeing.


We have developed a series of ‘character moves’ based on key Peppa Pig characters, which engage and inspire our children whilst develop fundamental skills.

Both age group classes are supported by a downloadable activity chart. The charts can be coloured in and helps children and grownups to continue practicing at home, and builds on our philosophy of encouraging a more active, less sedentary lifestyle both in and out of class time.

18 months to 2.5 years class 

This chart includes the 12 character moves that children learn in their first few terms of Move with Peppa. The 12-move based classes are repeated 3 times throughout the year, ensuring a perfect balance of repetition and progression giving children the opportunity to experience and develop the full range of fundamental skills. 

2.5 - 5 years Activity Charts

Each 6 week term consists of 6, episode based sessions arranged into 6 colour coded half term blocks which cover an academic year. Each class is based on a different episode, and takes little ones on an imaginative Peppa themed story each week.  Use your chart to find out which episode to watch each week and use it to practice your moves. 

Autumn Term 1 (Sept)
Autumn Term 2 
Spring Term 1 (Jan) 
Spring Term 2  
Summer Term 1 (May)
Summer Term 2  

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